How To Kill A Dead Man


Rodney Spitz, P.I.

When the C.I.A. comes knocking, Rodney and Bricker must protect a Russian defector at the Agency safe house for the weekend. But after the worst happens, they’re left trying to bring a dead man back to life. Long enough to kill him again.

written and directed by

Michael Daly & Vince Tkaczuk

with David Rose


Vince Tkaczuk as

Rodney Spitz – Chief – Customs Chris

Michael Daly as

Bricker – Squint – Goterev – Gary

Music courtesy of Jason Shaw at Audionautix

Produced, Recorded, and Engineered by Michael Daly

Rodney Spitz, PI is an original comedy podcast available for free wherever fine podcasts are found.

Release Date:  August 2013

Running Time: 30 minutes

 Rodney Spitz, P.I.

©2013 Michael Daly

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